5 Best Cool Cydia Tweaks for Mac, iOS Download Free


Cydia Tweaks for iOSWhen you jailbreak you iphone you need something new to tweak you smartphone, today i will guide you how you can get 10 best cydia tweaks to make your smartphone looks good. Jailbreak your iphone is a big decision you make now you have done something big you need something big. Following is list of best cydia tweaks you will enjoy after jailbreak your iphone.


Activator Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3/9.2 2016:

Activator is the best tweak app for cydia and this is probably most used tweak app for cydia, in this app you will get rid of all manual work you can customize and set up all you automation in no time and fast.


iCleaner Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3/9.2 2016:

When you use your smartphone too much it start to hang because cache is full and you don’t have much space to run more apps. At this stage you need an app which cleans all the junk from your smartphone and clear the cache so your smartphone can work smoother and faster. iCleaner is the app you need to make your smartphone work smooth and fast.


App Drawer Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3/9.2 2016:

This is the app you need when you installed too many apps and each time you need to open an app you have to searched from pages again and again. To save your time you need this app, this app will manage all your installed apps in one place and you no need to search again and again to find an app.


F.lux Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3/9.2 2016:

This is an interesting app in which you can change your wallpaper automatically, actually this app works with daylight like in day you wallpaper will be of dark colors so you can easily see on screen and after sunset your wallpaper will be of bright colors so you can see in low light.


Camrix Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3/9.2 2016:

This is the app which will allow you to take photos without opening the camera application, this app will also let you see a preview of the photo in overlay on screen. You can take photos and no one even knows because you didn’t open camera application and there is no sound of shutter.


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